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If you’re on the lookout for a neighborhood that seamlessly blends security, convenience, and a welcoming atmosphere, Tanoan West in should be at the top of your short list.  From secure gated entrances to a variety of neighborhoods that weave the tapestry of this community, Tanoan West attracts with a promise of comfort and connection.  As Eubank Blvd. gracefully divides the landscape between Tanoan East and Tanoan West, we find ourselves drawn into a tale of two distinct neighborhoods.

Tanoan West

Community Features

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Boundaries and Security

Located between Ventura Avenue, Academy Road, and the Jay Yogeshwar Trail, Tanoan West emerges as a distinctive neighborhood with its own story to tell.  Tanoan West proudly features two gated security entrances, adding a layer of controlled access to the community.  These entrances not only contribute to the overall safety of the neighborhood, but also serve as recognizable points of entry for those calling Tanoan West their home.  They’re not imposing gates, but rather symbols of a community that values security and defines its borders with a touch of practical elegance.

Tanoan West Homeowners Association

The Tanoan West Homeowners Association serves as the backbone, fostering a sense of unity among residents and ensuring the well-being of the neighborhood.  Committed to maintaining the high standards that define Tanoan West, the association collaborates with homeowners to enhance the overall living experience.  From organizing community events that bring neighbors together to diligently managing shared spaces, the Tanoan West Homeowners Association plays a pivotal role in nurturing the warmth and cohesion that make this neighborhood a true standout.

Distinct Neighborhoods

Tanoan West is a patchwork quilt of ten distinct neighborhoods, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the community.  These neighborhoods include:

Home Sweet Home

Approximately 620 homes stand proudly in Tanoan West, featuring a timeline of construction that spans from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.  This variety in architectural styles adds character to the streets and ensures there’s a home to suit every taste.  The homes were built by a variety of home builders including Harrison Smith, Biernacki, Westwind, and Charter.   Find homes for sale in Tanoan.

Parks and Trails

For nature enthusiasts and those who love outdoor activities, Tanoan West is the cornerstone.  The neighborhood is within arm’s reach of Quintessence Park, Heritage Hills Park, Academy Hills Park, the Jay Yogeshwar Trail, and the Raman Trail.  Whether you’re into jogging, hiking, or just enjoying a peaceful afternoon picnic, Tanoan West has it all.

Education Hub

Families with a focus on education will appreciate Tanoan West’s proximity to Hubert H. Humphrey Elementary School and Albuquerque Academy.  It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to grow and thrive, surrounded by educational opportunities.  Learn about other Tanoan district schools.

Embrace the Heart of Tanoan West

Tanoan West isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s a community that values security, diversity, and a high quality of life.  Whether you’re a family looking for a new place to call home, a professional seeking a peaceful retreat, or anyone in between, Tanoan West welcomes you with open arms.  Explore the charm, make yourself at home, and be part of the warmth that defines this unique Albuquerque suburb.

Tanoan West vs. Tanoan East

Discover the nuances that set Tanoan West and Tanoan East apart.  From architectural styles and community amenities to the overall ambiance, each neighborhood brings its own unique flavor to the table.  For a detailed comparison, delve into our comprehensive guide highlighting the distinctions between Tanoan West and Tanoan East.

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