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Adjacent to its counterpart, Tanoan West, Tanoan East calls with its own unique blend of elegance and community living.  Situated between Eubank Blvd., Academy Road, Lowell Street, and San Antonio Drive, this neighborhood invites residents into a world where security and a sense of togetherness take center stage.  Tanoan East comprises seven distinct neighborhoods, each contributing to the vibrant fabric of this charming community.

Tanoan East

Community Features

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Security and Access

Tanoan East stands as a testament to secure living with two gated entrances that regulate access to the community.  These entrances not only ensure safety, but also provide a recognizable entry point for residents and guests.

Distinct Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood carries its own unique character, fostering a sense of identity within the broader community.  From the architectural nuances of each home to the landscaping that graces the streets, these neighborhoods contribute to the rich mosaic that is Tanoan East.

A Home for Every Taste

Approximately 607 homes adorn the landscape of Tanoan East, reflecting a diverse array of architectural styles.  Constructed from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, these homes showcase the work of about 20 different home builders.  Notable names such as Ultima, Rutledge, Mechenbier, Hightower, Springer, and Poulin have all left their mark on the distinctive homes that make up Tanoan East.  Find homes for sale in Tanoan.

Tanoan Country Club: A Paradise Within

At the heart of Tanoan East lies the prestigious Tanoan Country Club.  This exclusive club brings a touch of luxury to residents, featuring a swimming pool, a meticulously designed golf course, and tennis courts.  Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a tennis pro, or simply looking to unwind by the pool, the Tanoan Country Club offers a haven of recreational delights right in the heart of Tanoan East.

Homeowners Association and Community Governance

The community is under the thoughtful guidance of the Tanoan East Homeowners Association.  This association plays a crucial role in maintaining the high standards that define Tanoan East, fostering a sense of unity among residents, and contributing to the overall well-being of the neighborhood.

Education and Recreation Hub

Tanoan East is in close proximity to educational institutions like Eisenhower Middle School and Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School.  For those seeking outdoor recreation, El Oso Grande Park and Prospectors Ridge Park are just a stone’s throw away, offering green spaces and amenities for the whole family.

Neighborhood Harmony

Tanoan East stands as a testament to the perfect blend of elegance, security, and community living.  With its array of amenities, diverse architectural styles, and a strong sense of community governance, Tanoan East welcomes residents into a world where every day feels like a celebration of the finer things in life.

Tanoan West vs. Tanoan East

Discover the nuances that set Tanoan West and Tanoan East apart.  From architectural styles and community amenities to the overall ambiance, each neighborhood brings its own unique flavor to the table.  For a detailed comparison, delve into our comprehensive guide highlighting the distinctions between Tanoan West and Tanoan East.

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