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Fairway Estates at Tanoan

Fairway Estates was one of the earlier established neighborhoods in Tanoan West during the early 1980s stretching to the late 1980s.  Fairway Estates is one of the larger neighborhoods consisting of 91 homes built by FDC Contractors, Hacker, Westwork/GladeSperry, Hooton, Crest and Abraham.  As you enter the Tanoan West gated community from Ventura Avenue NE, Fairway Estates is south of Fairways North and north of Village Greens West.
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Range of Home Features¹

¹Home features will vary per household.

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Where is Fairway Estates?

The neighborhood is located in the center of Tanoan West off Augusta Avenue NE and Pebble Beach Drive NE.  Fairway Estates is south of Fairways North and north of Village Greens West.

Grocery Stores

There are four grocery stores within approximately 5 minutes, including Whole Foods, Smith’s Food & Drug and Alberton’s Market.


Just North of the Tanoan West community, is the Jay Yogeshwar Trail.  The trail connects you to Heritage Hills Park, North Pino Trail, Raman Trail and Quintessence Park.

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2022 Fairway Estates Real Estate Activity

The approximate mortgage payment² based on the 2022 average sales price in the Fairway Estates neighborhood is $6,689.   Find homes for sale in Tanoan

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²Approximate mortgage payment is based on a 5% down payment, 6% interest rate, estimated mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance and estimated property taxes.

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