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Tanoan Security

Ensuring the safety and security of its residents is a top priority at both Tanoan West and Tanoan East communities.  While the Association doesn’t provide security personnel, they have a dedicated Community Patrol that operates around the clock, keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhoods.  This diligent team’s primary role is to monitor the communities for any unusual activities, promptly notifying local law enforcement agencies if any issues arise.

Tanoan Security

Your Trusted Neighborhood Assistants

The Community Patrol, though not a security force, plays a crucial role in assisting residents, guests, and contractors with access to the community and ensuring the adherence to community rules.

They also staff the Country Club gatehouse, offering their expertise in aiding residents, visitors, and vendors as they enter the community.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

For added convenience, residents can obtain temporary passes at the Country Club gatehouse, which come in handy for various purposes, from on-street overnight parking permits for guests to loading and unloading RVs.  This added level of service demonstrates the commitment to facilitating the lives of those residing in the Tanoan communities.

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Access Made Easy

In both Tanoan West and Tanoan East, you’ll find two vehicle access gates.  The Country Club gate, located off Academy Road at Country Club/Rolling Hills, is your 24/7 staffed entry point, ensuring constant vigilance.  Further east, you’ll find the Lowell gate, fully automated and not staffed, providing another convenient entry option.  The versatility of these access points allows residents the flexibility to choose the gate that best suits their needs, with all windshield tags and cards functioning seamlessly at both gates.

Security and Convenience

Over in Tanoan West, you’ll discover the main gate situated off Academy Road at Tanoan Drive, just west of Eubank Blvd.  Additionally, a second gate can be found off Ventura Avenue, just north of Academy Road, across from Hoffmantown Church.  These strategically located gates ensure ease of access for residents and offer an extra layer of security.

Shared Responsibility

While the responsibility for the security of individual homes, properties, and personal safety rests with each resident, the proactive Community Patrol and the well-maintained access points in Tanoan West and Tanoan East work together to create a safe and secure environment for all residents to enjoy.

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