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Tanoan Golf Course

Seeded in the Tanoan East community, the golf course at Tanoan Country Club beckons golf enthusiasts from near and far.  With its winding fairways and verdant landscapes, this course offers a golfing experience that’s truly in a league of its own.  Designed by the acclaimed duo of PGA TOUR player Bruce Devlin and golf course architect Robert von Hagg, the course stands as a testament to their expertise and passion for the game.

Tanoan Golf Course

Course Features

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A Triad of Distinct Layouts

One of the unique features of the Tanoan golf course is its ingenious layout comprising three distinct nine-hole segments.  Each layout showcases its own set of challenges and charms, allowing golfers to revel in a diverse range of playing experiences.  The course weaves through and around the neighborhoods, such as the Country Club Estates, the Highlands, and Pagancia.

Stunning Vistas of the Sandia Mountains

As you traverse the course, your gaze will be repeatedly drawn towards the awe-inspiring panorama of the Sandia Mountains.  With their majestic peaks and ever-changing hues, these mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop to your golfing escapades, turning each swing into a moment of sheer visual delight.

Sandia Mountains from Tanoan golf course

Stats That Impress

Stretching across 6,906 yards, the Tanoan Golf Course promises a satisfying challenge for golfers of all skill levels.  The course boasts a course rating of 73.2, a numerical testament to its complexity and appeal.  Additionally, a slope rating of 131 underscores the strategic nuances that players must navigate to conquer this course.

Greens of Distinction

The greens at Tanoan are a marriage of two grass types:  the resilient bentgrass and the versatile poa annua.  This combination ensures a dynamic playing surface that tests your skills in various ways, from precise putting to strategic chipping.

Water Hazards and the 18th Hole Pond

Adding a splash of excitement to your golfing experience, the course features multiple water hazards strategically positioned throughout.  Notably, the 18th hole features a striking pond that challenges your precision and strategy, making the final hole a truly memorable one.

Beyond the Fairways

Tanoan Country Club is more than just a golf course – it’s a haven for both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike.  A full-service driving range and practice green provide the ideal setting for honing your skills before taking on the course.  And after a rewarding round of golf, the clubhouse welcomes you with open arms, featuring a full-service bar and grill where you can unwind and relish in post-game camaraderie.

A Reputation That Shines

The Tanoan golf course has earned its place among New Mexico’s top golfing destinations, garnering recognition from esteemed publications like Golf Digest.  This accolade speaks volumes about the course’s quality and its ability to captivate golfers of all backgrounds.

A Hub of Learning and Competition

At Tanoan Country Club, golf is not just a sport – it’s a way of life.  The club offers an array of instructional programs designed to cater to golfers’ individual goals.  From Men’s and Women’s Club Championships to Annual Tournaments, the spirit of healthy competition is alive and well here.  And let’s not forget about the young golfers – the junior golf program introduces the game to budding talents aged 6 to 17 in a nurturing and enjoyable environment.

Embrace a Golfing Paradise at Tanoan Country Club

In essence, the Tanoan Country Club’s golf course is a tapestry of challenge, beauty, and camaraderie, where golfers of all levels can find their haven.  With its meticulously designed layouts, sweeping views, and myriad amenities, this course stands as a true prize among New Mexico’s golfing landscapes.
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