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Tanoan East HOA

Each Tanoan community has its own homeowners association, ensuring that the neighborhood runs smoothly and efficiently.  In Tanoan East, the association plays a crucial role in managing the 601 homes that make up this vibrant community.  To better understand how this association operates, let’s dive into some key details below.

Tanoan East

Seven Unique Neighborhoods

Tanoan East is a diverse community, comprising eight distinct neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood brings its own character to the table, making this association a tapestry of unique lifestyles and backgrounds.

The board of directors ensures that the needs and concerns of each neighborhood are addressed, creating a sense of unity among residents.

Monthly Dues

Payment is due on the first of each month.  Payments can be made via check, auto debit or online.  Online payments could take up to 5 days to be posted to your account.  In order to avoid late charges by your Association, payment should be submitted at least 5 days prior to your due date.

Home Values in Tanoan

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Access to Information

Transparency is a top priority for the Tanoan East Homeowners Association.  Members of this association have easy access to essential resources.  Whether you’re looking for governing documents, community meeting schedules, or information about home improvement projects, you’ll find it readily available.  Moreover, you can connect with officers and directors via email, fostering a sense of open communication.

Separate from the Country Club

While Tanoan East highlights the presence of the Tanoan Country Club, it’s important to note that the club operates independently from the homeowners association.  These two entities have their own distinct roles and responsibilities.  However, residents of Tanoan East enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the golf course and the allure of open spaces that come with it, enhancing the overall charm of the neighborhood.

Controlled Access and Privacy

Tanoan East takes the privacy and security of its residents seriously.  The community is designed with controlled access, offering peace of mind to homeowners.  This feature ensures that Tanoan East remains a tranquil and secure place to call home, where residents can truly relax and enjoy the benefits of this close-knit community.

Tanoan East: Where Privacy, Security, and Community Thrive

The Tanoan East Homeowners Association is the backbone of this thriving community, ensuring that it remains a place where residents can live comfortably and peacefully.  With easy access to information, diverse neighborhoods, and the added bonus of beautiful golf course views, Tanoan East offers a distinctive living experience that’s both inviting and secure.

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