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Swimming Pool

Within the Tanoan East community lies a cool oasis that beckons on sunny days – the swimming pool at the Tanoan Country Club.  It’s no ordinary pool;  it’s like an ocean, but one that’s just the right size for friendly races and joyous cannonballs.  It’s the Junior Olympic-size swimming pool.

Swimming pool at Tanoan Country Club

Pool Features

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Tiny Waters for Tiny Toes

Right next to the big pool, there’s a place for the littlest swimmers, too.  It’s like a tiny pool, perfect for toddlers who want to get their feet wet without feeling too small.  They can splash and paddle in there like little water adventurers.

Taking the Plunge

Now, if you’re a fan of excitement and courage, you’d love what’s nearby – the diving tank.  It’s a giant bowl of water that’s deep enough for big jumps and thrilling dives.  Feeling brave?  Climb up, take a breath, and let gravity do its thing.

Making Waves of Fun and Fitness

There’s more than just swimming and splashing.  The Tanoan Country Club knows how to turn water into fun and fitness.  They have all sorts of things you can do in the pool.

You can learn to swim better with lessons that make you feel like a fish.  There’s even a swim team, like a group of water racers, practicing and competing together.  Want to stay fit while having fun?  Join the water aerobics sessions – it will feel as though you’re dancing in the water.

Swimming pool at Tanoan Country Club

And kids, listen up – there’s something special for you too.  When summer arrives, the Tanoan Country Club hosts a camp just for you.  It’s a place where summer and water adventures come together.  You can swim, play games, and make new friends while the sun shines bright.

Sun, Snacks, and Safety

Now, here’s a secret:  if you visit the Tanoan swimming pool between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you won’t just find water, you’ll find food and drinks too!  Imagine munching on your favorite snacks right by the pool, just like a vacation.  And the best part?  There are lifeguards around, real-life water heroes, to make sure everyone’s safe.

Members-Only Magic

These amenities come with a catch – to dive into all this excitement, you need a key.  Well, not exactly a key, but you need to be a member of the Tanoan Country Club.  You’ll be part of a special group that gets access to all the fun stuff – not just the pool, but a bunch of other cool things too.

More Than Just a Pool

Remember, the Tanoan Country Club isn’t just about the pool.  If you’re into hitting balls and chasing them, they’ve got a golf course waiting for you.  And if tennis is your thing, they’ve got more courts than you can count on one hand.  You can even practice hitting balls and aiming for the holes on a big grassy field.

Feeling fancy?  They’ve got special rooms where you can change clothes and get ready.  And when your stomach starts growling, you can head to the clubhouse.  There, you can eat like it’s a special day or just have a relaxed meal in a cozy café.

So there you have it, the Tanoan Country Club swimming pool – a place where the water is calling your name and the fun never stops.  It’s more than just a pool; it’s a gateway to adventure, fitness, and good times with friends and family.

Where is the swimming pool?

The swimming pool is located in the clubhouse at Tanoan East.  From Academy Road and Rolling Hills Road, turn north on Rolling Hills Road into the community.  Rolling Hills will take you directly to the clubhouse.

GPS Coordinates:  35.15579, -106.51826

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